Why a good mattress will do your night great and your sleep relaxing ?

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A good sleep, a relaxing night thanks to a Mattress ?

Sleep is not only an invaluable source of good health and good humor, but also the basis of good health and human performance. A good mattress is the key to good sleep. It ensures a correct position of the body and promotes rapid muscle relaxation. We have prepared some tips for you to make your mattress choice easier. Knowing the answers to the most important questions when choosing a mattress, you will never go wrong with your purchase.

How to understand: is a Mattress better soft or hard?

When choosing a mattress, you must first of all pay attention to two parameters: the weight and the age of the person who will sleep on it. The heavier the weight, the harder the mattress should be. With age – on the contrary: the older the person, the softer the sleeping place should be.

However, these are only general recommendations – everything is individual and largely depends on personal feelings. When buying a mattress, the presence of its future owners is desirable so that they can test several models. Only after you have been lying on mattresses with different degrees of hardness and filling can you understand which model is right for you.

Moreover, it is planned to open in February the first store of the EOS brand in Brest in the Materik shopping center, where you can test all the models and choose your ideal mattress.

Also, if you are lying on your side, there should be no space between your torso and the mattress, but at the same time, it should not sag more than a few inches. For example, in ” EOS” matelas, the load on a bunk varies from 90 to 150 kilograms. If the weight of a pair varies significantly, more often than not you need to adapt to the heavier partner.

Alternatively, you can choose a double-sided mattress and turn it over periodically so that everyone feels as comfortable as possible.

The claim that only a hard mattress is suitable for people with back problems is a stereotype. It all depends on the specific diagnosis, which can only be made by a doctor, and in this case also gives a recommendation for the choice of a berth.

I don’t understand: is it better to have a mattress with springs or without springs?

If we are talking about a spring mattress: the more springs per bunk, the better the orthopedic properties of the mattress – but the price is also higher.

Of course, it is ideal when the springs are independent of each other, that is, pressing one does not affect the other – this is exactly the mechanism used in most modern mattresses.

In addition to the usual springs, there are also honeycomb springs that are staggered – mattresses with such a spring block are suitable for tall people or couples with a large difference in weight.

Recently, hourglass-shaped springs have become popular – their feature is that compression occurs in several stages depending on the load, that is, the same mattress can have different stiffness – depending on who is on it. In addition, thanks to the unique structure, these springs will not crack.

We also have Bonnel mattresses with dependent springs, but these models are generally considered a budget option for summer cottages. They do not have an orthopedic effect, but create a hammock effect.

In springless models, natural latex or the innovative FoamLux foam are used as fillers – a more dense material, but at the same time inexpensive. These mattresses are ideal for children and adolescents. For a person of average weight and without serious back problems, the best option is a 2-sided semi-hard mattress, where there is coconut on one side and coconut on the other and latex. The more coconut and less latex in the filling, the lower the price.

Three Amazing Air Beds from Habitat Furnishings

The most popular model of this type “Victoria” will cost about a thousand rubles for a size of 160 * 200 cm. In general, the average price of a standard double mattress is 500-600 rubles. We practice an individual approach: each customer can buy a mattress of any size and with any filling – most products are made to order.

In addition to the mattress padding, you can choose the fabric of the cover. It can be of three types: fixed in jacquard – they can be unbuttoned and ventilated, removable in jersey – Jersey and Jersey-luxury. They can be easily replaced if necessary.

How to extend the life of your mattress?

The longest life of a latex mattress is 25 years, the rest – about 20. For this you need to follow the basic recommendations.

  1. In order for the mattress to serve you as long as possible, you can buy a mattress topper (thin mattress topper) and an additional cover with impregnations, which will provide the ideal microclimate for the sleeping place;
  2. Every 3-6 months, the mattress should be turned over, and not only the outer and inner sides, but also the direction of the head and legs should be changed;
  3. The mattress should be ventilated at least once a year.

I already have a mattress. Can it be improved?

An additional cover can be sewn onto the mattresses. For example, with thermoregulation, which absorbs excess heat and moisture from the human body. For those who constantly freeze, there is also a way out – a mattress with a layer of natural wool on one side.

Turkish Shade fabric with a 3D effect is now at the peak of its popularity. The texture and composition allow the mattress to breathe and provide protection against bacteria, dust and odors. And the air blanket will add extra comfort to your sleeping place.

I sleep on the couch – do you have something for me?

For those who sleep on a sofa or an old mattress, but want to save their back, there are mattress toppers – thin mattresses that smooth out irregularities and ensure optimal rigidity of the sleeping place.

Should you buy a pillow and mattress together?

When choosing a pillow, you do not need to start from the properties of the mattress. Each model provides individual support for the cervical vertebrae so that the head, neck and shoulders are in the anatomically correct position. This allows you to quickly relieve muscle tension.

Orthopedic models are currently the most popular: pillows made of natural latex and with a memory effect. The peculiarity of the latter is that in the absence of pressure, the pillow returns to its original shape. The FoamLux Memory material used for its production was invented for astronauts returning from orbit. During a long stay in weightlessness, their muscles partially atrophy, so it is necessary to restore tone – this is where a special material helped. When they realized how effective it was, they found wider application.If you choose the right pillow and mattress, you can not only solve the problem of comfortable sleep, but also improve your condition throughout the day: get rid of back pain, fatigue and, as a result, irritability. In addition, scientists agree


Three Amazing Air Beds from Habitat Furnishings

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