Dispel myths about mattresses: follow this guide

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Everything was easier before! If a person needed a mattress, they would buy it. Now, everything has become much more complicated, manufacturers have gone to great lengths to fill the market with a wide range of models, with, frankly, technologies and features that are not always clear. And on top of that, there are myths that are not to be believed. The truth is that the more expensive means better, or the more springs, the more practical it is. Let’s discuss these and other issues in more detail!

Myth 1. The higher the price, the better the product.

This is not always the case. Many brands blatantly overvalue their mattresses. When choosing a product, focus on the materials and your comfort. Pay attention to non-promoted brands that are of good quality and affordable.

Myth 2. It’s better to buy after a test drive in the living room.

This statement is based on the fact that you have to lie down in the store for 5 minutes and understand if a model is suitable or not. But to find out if it suits you and how the product will behave during operation, this time is not enough. Moreover, there is a lot more choice in the online store, since no store will display all the models. It is also possible that the seller will lead you to a badly located product and you may not be able to sit comfortably in a busy enough room.

Myth 3. The more coils, the better!

The number of springs can be overwhelming, because the more coils, the higher the price. But the optimal number depends on the weight of the person. The heavier it is, the more coils should be available for good spinal support and durability.

Myth 4: If the product is made of latex, then it is 100% natural.

Mattresses made from this material are considered more natural and environmentally friendly. But this is not entirely true, some manufacturers do not use natural latex, but synthetic ones based on chemicals and oil. The market is flooded with models that combine these components. Therefore, you should always make sure that 100% natural latex is really in front of you.

Myth 5: All models with memory effect have warming functions.

There are many claims and criticisms that after a summer night’s sleep you will pour buckets of sweat on such a product. But a number of studies have confirmed that only 8% of respondents had a fever. If only this moment is confusing when choosing such a product, consider open-cell, low-density foam models with thermally neutral properties.

Myth 6: If your back hurts, you should get a firm mattress!

Many sources say that if you have pain in your lower back, you should replace your bed with the stiffest one. But no one warns that sleeping on one threatens to raise your shoulders and buttocks and lack the necessary support. In this case, it’s worth choosing an option that can provide full support for the entire body. This can be 7-zone models, created to provide an anatomical effect on the back.

Myth 7. The same mattress model is suitable for spouses

This can only be true if the pair has the same weight. A 60 kg woman and a 90 kg man need different mattresses. There are several options: install two different mattresses or buy a product with a memory effect. Because of its specificity, the area used by a husband or wife will follow as much as possible the curves of the figure, which is beneficial for the thorns.

Myth 8. For a clean bed, simply wash the sheets.

Dust mites are mainly found in mattresses, so it is not enough to just wash your bed linen. For extra protection, you can use a wash cover and spray or dampen your sleeping area regularly.

These 8 myths to watch out for when looking for the perfect mattress for you! And if you’ve already decided to buy a mattress, we recommend you visit the Epicentre online store. On the site, you’ll find a wide range of products in this category, and knowledgeable technical advisors will help you make the right choice. You can pick up the goods either by self-pickup at the store or by delivery service in any city

Three Amazing Air Beds from Habitat Furnishings

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