5 tips to remove old stains from your mattress

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How do you keep a mattress, orthopedic  or not, clean ?

It is difficult and expensive to take an orthopedic mattress to dry-clean after each freshly planted area. But pollution cannot be ignored either. Food and drink remains, skin and hair particles, animal hair are stored in the filling layers and can cause many problems: from an unpleasant odor that cannot be traced back to health problems. You can also clean the mattress at home.

But before cleaning your orthopedic mattress at home, remember a few tips and anti-bumpers.

How to clean a mattress from stains at home and not ruin an expensive product at the first self-cleaning Mattresses – multilayer construction weighing up to 50 kg. If one of the layers is deformed during careless handling, the mattress loses its orthopedic properties.


  • It is strictly forbidden to wash the mattress in the shower, to use chlorine or petrol to remove stains.
  • It is impossible to knock out and iron the surface with an iron. Otherwise the load is permanently deformed.
  • It is not desirable to wash with a household vacuum cleaner – the moisture will remain inside and become mouldy.
  • It is necessary to use a steam cleaner with extreme caution: the steam heats up to 150 degrees, deforming the filling or the housing.
  • It is impossible to wash, wash, dry the mattress in a vertical position – handling is only carried out on a flat horizontal surface.
  • In addition to the mattress, you must also clean the bed frame.
  • Reading the care instructions before starting work will prevent you from making irreparable mistakes.

However, few people know how to clean a mattress without a spring. Therefore, we share work recipes for cleaning and maintenance.

Tips 1. how to clean an orthopedic mattress at home with a vacuum cleaner

This requires a powerful vacuum cleaner with an empty dust bag and a clean brush. In addition, you can use a narrow nozzle – it’s handy to use it for walking along seam seams or depressions where the main “reserves” accumulate. You should clean the mattress with a household vacuum on both sides at least once a week. Do not cover the mattress immediately after cleaning – let it “rest” in a clean room for a few hours.

Vacuuming is a gentle, neutral preventative measure in the home that will remove dirt from the surface of the upholstery and help refresh the mattress. But what has already fallen into deep layers cannot be removed with a regular vacuum cleaner.

Tip 2. How to clean an orthopedic mattress from liquid stains

When something shiny is spilled on the mattress, you must act quickly: find a white towel or cotton cloth and wipe the liquid off carefully. Do not rub or scrub. Move from the edge of the spot to the middle so that you don’t spill any more liquid. Then proceed according to the type of pollution:

Pour the red wine with salt, wait 5 to 7 minutes and remove the salt with a vacuum cleaner. If the stain does not lighten the first time, start again.
Blot up the grease marks with a towel soaked in alcohol or vodka. Blot the rest with a clean cloth.
Blood is removed with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. The rest of the peroxide should be removed with a cotton pad.
The coffee is clarified with an aqueous solution of ammonia: 1 teaspoon of alcohol in a glass of water. Apply the solution for 5 minutes, wipe off with a damp cloth and allow to dry completely.
If you cannot get rid of the stain right away, you can use a stain remover. It is preferable to buy a foamy product or one that requires a minimum of water to dilute.

Tip 3: Don’t believe popular tips or super cure ads.

Economical housewives see pollution as a challenge and are happy to tell you how to clean a mattress at home from stains of all kinds. But an orthopedic mattress is too expensive to experiment with. And most of the miraculous ways to “clean everything” turn out to be household stain removers. In the best case, you’ll need to remove the “stain from the stain remover stain”, in the worst case – budget for a new mattress.
Separately, we want to talk about the use of the means available “for a penny” Maybe they helped someone once. But it is more of a miracle than a regularity. Here is our list of anti tips on how to clean your mattress at home by couch experts:

Machine wash – no comments.

Spray aromatic oil on the surface to remove an unpleasant smell – the smell will only reinforce each other and fresh, greasy marks will appear on the upholstery.
Remove greasy stains with washing-up liquid – to remove the resulting foam, the surface will need to be thoroughly wetted. And unwashed residue of the product will corrode the fabric.
Spray rubbing alcohol on the surface to remove pet tags – the alcohol will evaporate within minutes, leaving a wet mark. Only.

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Tip 4. How to clean the mattress from old stains or dirt

Our employees have been involved in the selection of anatomical mattresses and everything related to them for over a year. Therefore, we authoritatively guarantee that you cannot do it yourself. And we will answer the question “how to clean an old mattress yourself” in the same way. The cleaning of old mattresses and old stains must trust professionals. Let’s explain why.

Not everything that goes under the upholstery can be removed with home remedies. Over time, contaminants have time to take root in the deep layers of the mattress and become a home for micro-organisms. Therefore, you will have to fight not only against dust, but also against fungi, mites or other insects. Among other things, the layered filling does not dry well. But more often than not – it does not dry completely and therefore the “aroma” of moldy fabric and brown stains adds to all the problems.

And yet, how do you clean a mattress at home from stubborn dirt? Call dry cleaning at home. Professional cleaning reagents are selected based on the type, depth and age of the soil. Dirt is removed with a vacuum cleaner or a professional cleaning vacuum. And for final drying, portable drying units are used. As a result, the customer receives a clean mattress without unpleasant odour and moisture.

Heavy contamination is easier to prevent than to eliminate. So…

Tip 5: Get a protective mattress topper

A protective mattress overlay is a mattress cover that accomplishes 2 main tasks: keep moisture out of the mattress and be well ventilated. Conventional fabrics do not have these properties. Therefore, high quality mattress protectors are made of a special material. On the side closest to the body, the fabric can be soft and pleasant to the touch. And on the side of the mattress, there is a waterproof membrane support.

A protective overlay is what will help the mattress to last 2 to 3 times longer. Even if you spill a glass of juice or wine, the cover will take care of the whole “blow”. And at the same time:

protects the mattress fabrics from abrasion;
prevent the load from deforming;
ensures uniform cooling of the body or heat preservation;
corrects the firmness of the mattress;
prevent allergies.
Regarding the design of the mattress topper, from a protection point of view, it is preferable to purchase a stretch cover with an elastic band around the perimeter or a solid with a zipper. These models protect the mattress not only from the top, but also from the sides.

You must wash the mattress topper twice a month, so it is better to buy 2 pieces immediately.

Finally, to remove old stains from your mattress :

According to statistics, we are in contact with a longer mattress than with a work chair or other types of furniture. And, therefore, its cleanliness is not only an indicator of the “household” of the housewife, but also a guarantee of the health of the household.

Good luck and sweet dreams!

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