A good bath pillow ?

Bath pillow

In a modern home, there is an abundance of details and objects that fill life with comfort and pleasant moments. The bathroom is intended for rest and, relaxation and recuperation after a hard day full of worries and problems. It is here that it is most important to create with your own hands and to your taste the most comfortable conditions for a full recovery of strength.

A bath pillow will help with this, with the help of which you can comfortably position your head and neck while taking a bath and think about something calm and pleasant.

how to choose an orthopedic pillow

Looking for how to choose an orthopedic pillow ? The main thing is to choose the right filler and the shape of the pillow so that your spine is not bent during sleep.

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  • Features of bath pillows
  • Benefits of bathroom pillows
  • DIY bath pillow
  • Baby Bath Collar Pillow
  • Features of bath pillows
  • Fashionable and useful bathroom accessory
  • What do you need to know about such an unusual pillow in order to get the best option from the store?

All products presented in specialized stores can be of three types: inflatable, gel or polyvinyl chloride.

In order for the pillow to be firmly and reliably fixed in the bathroom, special suction cups are provided in the product. Thus, the accessory can be placed even on a damp surface and not think about inconveniences.
You can attach the pillow to a surface made of any material: metal, plastic, tiles, wood.
In modern models, the function of adjusting the level of softness is provided, for this it is necessary to select the most comfortable indicator of pressure in the pillow.
The suction cup bath pillow is completely safe even for people whose body is prone to allergic reactions, because only hypoallergenic materials are used for the production of products .
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Want to sleep on an orthopedic mattress but aren’t ready to throw away your couch? Lay a thin springless mattress on it, it will smooth the surface and improve the quality of sleep, for more details follow the link.

And on a large bed it is better to put a full high mattress. We recommend polyurethane foam and latex mattresses as fillers, read all the details here .

Benefits of bathroom pillows
Benefits of using
In specialized stores, bathroom accessories are presented in a huge assortment. Some models are equipped with media players, massagers.

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The range of colors of the product is so diverse that it will not be difficult to choose an item that perfectly matches the interior of the room. Such a pillow will harmoniously fit not only into the design of a classic bathroom, but also into a trendy, modern interior with a jacuzzi.

Softness and elasticity of the product provide maximum comfort for the head and neck.

This accessory does not require any special care; it is enough to wash the pillow under normal water after use. You can dry the product in the fresh air.
The compact size of the accessory allows you to take the pillow on any trip and on vacation.

In the event of a puncture, such an inflatable product can be easily repaired using the same method as sealing an inflatable mattress .

DIY bath pillow

Useful DIY bath pillow
It is enough to show a little imagination, patience and, as a result, get a unique pillow with healing properties.To make an accessory you will need:

  • Hand towel;
  • Braid;
  • One pack of quilted batting;
  • Dried herbs (lavender, oregano, mint, St. John’s wort, hops);
  • Essential oils (you can use any that has a pleasant aroma).

Let’s get down to needlework.

The hand towel must be smoothed thoroughly.
Cut the batting to the required length to match the length of the towel.
Put about a glass of dried herbs on a piece of batting and add 4-5 drops of essential oil.
Roll up the batting and lay out on a towel along its length. Wrap the batting with a towel.
Prepare three tapes, 30 cm each. Use the two cuts to secure the batting inside the towel. To do this, wrap a towel with braid and tie the edges so that you get a butterfly. The third piece of tape can be used to wrap the entire towel. This will ensure that the edges are securely held in place.
Fill your bathtub with hot water and enjoy the aroma of oils and herbs.

This hand-made bathroom pillow has a beneficial effect on the entire body. In particular, it eliminates inflammation and pain in joints, ligaments and muscles.
Muscles become firmer and more elastic. The joints of the spine move more freely and easier. The whole body rejuvenates and heals. The skin becomes velvety and soft.The accessory can be placed under the head or placed on the side of the bathtub.

pillows with natural filling

Don’t trust synthetic pillow fillings? Use natural filled pillows , there are many options for such fillers now.

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And if it is not possible to install a bed at home, you can use a regular air mattress for sleeping. The main thing is to choose a good manufacturer of inflatable mattresses, so that the product is environmentally friendly, for more details on this page .

Baby Bath Collar Pillow

Bath collar cushion for the little ones
Water procedures are one of the favorite pastimes of young children. However, for many parents, it becomes a rather serious problem to bathe the child in the bathroom because of back pain.

In this case, a collar pillow is an indispensable tool that will help parents and give the baby a lot of pleasure.

The bathing accessory gently but firmly supports the baby’s head above the water, while protecting the baby’s eyes from foam.

The top layer of the product is made of natural cotton fabric and is a cover with a zipper, the pillow itself is made of vinyl.
For healthy sleep in newborns, it is also recommended to use special orthopedic pillows for babies .

Such insignificant little things in life are created in order to deliver a lot of pleasant emotions for both adults and the smallest. But happiness consists of such small, at first glance, joys.

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