Old mattresses are classified as bulky waste, therefore special disposal conditions must be observed for them. Throwing them into a regular container or placing them next to the trash can is not allowed. It is necessary to involve specialized organizations or independently bring them to the collection points for the correct disposal of mattresses. The danger of throwing away mattresses with ordinary waste is associated with increased fire hazard, long decomposition time and the formation of a favorable environment for rodents, which are carriers of infections.

1. When is it time to change the mattress to a new one
2. Danger of being thrown into the trash and burning
3. Where can you put your old mattress

3.1. Sell ​​or donate
3.2. In a container for bulky waste
3.3. Contact specialized organizations for removal and disposal
3.4. Take to shops that sell mattresses
3.5. Take to animal shelter
4. Technologies for disposal of mattresses

When is it time to change the mattress to a new one

The resource of mattresses is reduced under the influence of operating conditions, the quality of the constituent elements, and the physiological characteristics of users. Operating conditions unfavorable for the mattress arise when the load on the surface is unevenly distributed: when used by a couple in which the partners have different weights (it is better to join two narrow mattresses and cover them with a thin one), when sitting on the edge of the bed.

The quality of the constituent elements can limit the use of the mattress: for example, if a spring has flown out or pierced the fabric cover.

Even without physical damage, after years of service (after 5-10 years), mattresses lose their properties: due to aging of the metal at the springs or softening of the filler, the mattress begins to sag.

Spoiled mattress

Physiological features appear during sleep, especially in hot conditions when the body begins to sweat. Sweat is absorbed on the surface of the mattress and is difficult to remove from there. For children’s mattresses, the problem of uncontrolled emptying is relevant.

Danger of being thrown into the trash and burning

When placing a mattress in or near a garbage container, it can be difficult to remove garbage, because garbage trucks are not designed to handle bulky items. Mattresses should be disposed of in bulky waste bins if installed near your home. In the absence of bunkers – order or take out by yourself.

For unauthorized disposal of bulky waste, fines are provided even if there are no designated places for disposal. Individuals are punished by 1-2 thousand rubles, and the maximum fine for organizations is 100 thousand.

One of the reasons for the danger of disposal of mattresses with household waste is the increased flammability. The fabrics and inner fillers are often made from substances that, when burned, release harmful toxic substances. For the same reason, it is unacceptable to burn an old mattress on your own.Burning mattress

Where can you put your old mattress

There are several ways to properly dispose of mattresses, from placement in a bulky waste bin to delivery to collection points. Some organizations carry out a paid collection of old mattresses. Leading sellers have promotions for accepting old ones in exchange for a discount for buying a new one.

All ways to dispose of old mattresses:

  • put into a bulky waste bin;
  • sell on an ad, take to the country, donate;
  • order export from a specialized company;
  • hand over to the store;
  • hand over to a waste collection point;
  • transfer to an animal shelter.

Sell ​​or donate

If the mattress is replaced with a new one not due to functional impairment or poor condition, then one of the disposal methods is to sell it to other individuals. Paid and free transfer to interested persons is possible, with whom you can agree on self-pickup. This will simultaneously save you the hassle and expense of self-disposal, as well as increase the product’s useful life at the expense of other users.

You can not throw out the mattress and leave it with you, but take it to the country. In this case, two problems are solved at once: getting rid of a large-sized product from the apartment, replenishing the stock of old furniture in the country to increase comfort.

In a container for bulky waste

The easiest disposal method for individuals is to place the mattress in the bulky waste bin.

They are usually placed next to containers for household waste, and their volume is more than 7 m 3 .

The standard size of the largest mattresses is 180 by 200 centimeters, products larger than this size are made only to order and are rare.

Any mattress will easily fit into the storage bin in any position (lengthwise, across) and condition (in a layer, twisted).

Contact specialized organizations for removal and disposal

In the absence of bunkers, one of the exits is to order removal. You can contact one of three organizations:

  • engaged in the removal of bulky waste, including mattresses;
  • to a regional operator;
  • to the collection points.

It is necessary to find out in advance about the possibility of taking it out of the apartment, because, for example, in apartment buildings the elevator space is limited and it is necessary to lower the mattress down the stairs.

To dispose of mattresses, a license is required, because they belong to the IV class of danger.

It is necessary to check the availability of a license when choosing a company to be sure of correct disposal. The cost of removal starts from 500 rubles and depends on the address, number of storeys of the house, size and weight of the mattress.

Mattresses can also be accepted by waste collection points, but you must first inquire about this from them, so as not to waste bulky goods. If you have problems finding an organization, there are some usefull website which has information about all local companies that process waste: collect, remove, dispose of.

Discarded mattresses

Take to shops that sell mattresses

An old mattress can be beneficial when buying a new one. Some stores offer discounts or other special purchase conditions when returning an old product.

The discount can be up to 15% off the price of a new mattress, which is equivalent to the price of the sale through an ad.

Take to animal shelter

With the poor condition of the old mattress and the impossibility of selling it without destruction, there remains the option of transferring it to an animal shelter. The mattress will act as a bedding for animals, which you do not mind gnawing, tearing or emptying. This method of disposal is suitable for animal lovers and those who want to make good use of the old mattress.

Cat on mattress

Mattress recycling technologies

Mattresses usually consist of the following elements: fabric cover, filler. The filler is polyurethane foam, coconut coir, latex, cotton. In addition, the insides of the mattress can be composed of metal springs. Mattress recycling is difficult to automate, so it is done manually:

  • the product is cut into components: the fabric cover is removed, the springs or filler are separated;
  • separated items are sorted;
  • the collected raw materials are sent for processing separately.

Dump of mattresses

Metal springs are remelted to produce the same goods as in primary production. The rest of the ingredients (fabric, fillers) are used as additives for the production of other products: for example, new fillers.