About Sleep apnea syndrome

For those who have trouble sleeping Sleep apnea syndrome is a condition in which you temporarily stop breathing while you sleep. No one knows what you are doing while you sleep. Most of the patients say they noticed apnea while sleeping for the first time after being pointed out by their family. In fact, it … Read more

How to choose a mattress with orthopedic properties

The importance of orthopedic mattresses for your health

When choosing a new sleeping surface, it is imperative to consider not only the visual design and price of the mattress, but also many other factors. Here are the key parameters to help you articulate your needs:

Health condition.

If you don’t have pronounced spinal problems or suffer from back pain after a day’s work, you can choose any mattress that suits you based on other characteristics. If you wish to correct your posture or suffer from back pain, consult your doctor before buying a mattress. He or she will select the appropriate bed hardness for you.

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