Disposal of mattresses: when is it time to change

Recycling an old mattress Old mattresses are classified as bulky waste, therefore special disposal conditions must be observed for them. Throwing them into a regular container or placing them next to the trash can is not allowed. It is necessary to involve specialized organizations or independently bring them to the collection points for the correct disposal of … Read more

How to choose a mattress well

For those who never want to regret! “All mattresses are about the same.” I thought so too. From the front to the back of this industry. To be honest, there are various “price” and “quality”. And, regardless of the price, there are some that can be used to sleep well and some that hurt the … Read more

Water mattresses: dreams and reality

Over the years, Hollywood films have teased us with tempting exoticism and seductive curiosity – waterbeds that seemed to be something unreal, fabulous and insanely desirable. Millions of people caught fire with a dream one day in the distant future of equipping themselves with such a bed. And now the future has come – now … Read more