Disposal of mattresses: when is it time to change

Recycling an old mattress Old mattresses are classified as bulky waste, therefore special disposal conditions must be observed for them. Throwing them into a regular container or placing them next to the trash can is not allowed. It is necessary to involve specialized organizations or independently bring them to the collection points for the correct disposal of … Read more

A good bath pillow ?

Bath pillow In a modern home, there is an abundance of details and objects that fill life with comfort and pleasant moments. The bathroom is intended for rest and, relaxation and recuperation after a hard day full of worries and problems. It is here that it is most important to create with your own hands … Read more

About Sleep apnea syndrome

For those who have trouble sleeping Sleep apnea syndrome is a condition in which you temporarily stop breathing while you sleep. No one knows what you are doing while you sleep. Most of the patients say they noticed apnea while sleeping for the first time after being pointed out by their family. In fact, it … Read more

How to choose a mattress well

For those who never want to regret! “All mattresses are about the same.” I thought so too. From the front to the back of this industry. To be honest, there are various “price” and “quality”. And, regardless of the price, there are some that can be used to sleep well and some that hurt the … Read more

Choose a good vaccum cleaner for your mattress or futtons

A mattress cleaner for cleaning bed and mattress mites and house dust . Can not be the sun a mattress time du pollen et de la saison des pluies et, un et les petits enfants de familles allergiques avec, matelas qui ne peut pas être lavé et le soleil également nettoyage de, le nettoyeur de literie sera largement actif. The boom seems to have stabilized for some time, … Read more

Water mattresses: dreams and reality

Over the years, Hollywood films have teased us with tempting exoticism and seductive curiosity – waterbeds that seemed to be something unreal, fabulous and insanely desirable. Millions of people caught fire with a dream one day in the distant future of equipping themselves with such a bed. And now the future has come – now … Read more

Why a good mattress will do your night great and your sleep relaxing ?

A good sleep, a relaxing night thanks to a Mattress ?

Sleep is not only an invaluable source of good health and good humor, but also the basis of good health and human performance. A good mattress is the key to good sleep. It ensures a correct position of the body and promotes rapid muscle relaxation. We have prepared some tips for you to make your mattress choice easier. Knowing the answers to the most important questions when choosing a mattress, you will never go wrong with your purchase.

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How to choose a mattress with orthopedic properties

The importance of orthopedic mattresses for your health

When choosing a new sleeping surface, it is imperative to consider not only the visual design and price of the mattress, but also many other factors. Here are the key parameters to help you articulate your needs:

Health condition.

If you don’t have pronounced spinal problems or suffer from back pain after a day’s work, you can choose any mattress that suits you based on other characteristics. If you wish to correct your posture or suffer from back pain, consult your doctor before buying a mattress. He or she will select the appropriate bed hardness for you.

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