Big Deal Mattress takes great pride in offering our customers the absolute best customer service in the industry. At times, even the highest quality products may fail and show early signs of wear or a manufacturer defect. Big Deal Mattress come with a full 10-year warranty through Brooklyn Bedding. Warranty begins the date you purchase the mattress and cannot be transferred. If a defect occurs during the warranty period.

Warranty Coverage

Defects or deterioration in the cell structure of the latex or poly foam
Defects resulting in splitting or cracking of the material, with normal usage and proper handling
Body indentations:
– 1″ or greater impression
Sagging: Your mattress must be continuously supported by a foundation with solid support. This includes solid wood or metal platforms, foundations, or wire grid frames.
Not covered

Normal increase of softness exhibited in the mattress material (breaking in process)
Normal decrease of recovery aspects of latex (breaking in process)
Mattress fabric (stains, normal wear & tear, etc)
Bed height
Sheet fit
Body indentations:
– Less than minimum impressions as defined in “Warranty Coverage” above.
Mattress damage due to an inappropriate foundation
Mattress compressed for an extended period of time (60 days or longer)
Big Deal Mattress have been designed to be used on foundations with solid support with little or no give.  If you have any more questions on what type of foundation is acceptable before purchasing, get in touch with us, we’re happy to help.

All warranties contained herein shall not apply if the product has been physically stained, abused, damaged, burned, moisture saturated, cut or torn. This warranty is valid only to the original purchaser of the product. If the original purchaser sells the product, the subsequent purchaser takes the product “as is” and “with all faults.” Proof of Purchase is required for all warranty claims.